Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kimya Dawson @ Knitting Factory

Running through songs from her forthcoming LP Kimya Dawson relied heavily on her cute persona and unconditional love from the audience to guide her through a set blighted by a bout of Laryngitis, hiccups and false-starts. In a shockingly brief 40 minute ‘headline’ set, there was just enough magic in the new tracks to keep the crowd engaged and ultimately satisfied following the abrupt finish. Her endearing charisma shone through in brief monologues about Seattle, daughter Panda and accusations of ‘selling-out’ after her hugely successful contribution to the film Juno.

True to her nature, the set became increasingly eclectic once it passed the half way point. An a cappella rap tirade (’Check Your Snob at the Door’) aimed at those voicing cynicism towards her new found fame preceded without doubt the saddest and most personal song of the evening; (‘Walk Like Thunder’) encompassing all matters of life, death, equality and love. To finish, ‘So Nice, So Smart’ lifted the mood and restored a degree of normalcy; a well-received gem to round off a short and indifferent yet largely entertaining performance.

Friday 8th October - Kimya Dawson was playing at the Knitting Factory, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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